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The seven statements of christ from the cross (Pt. 5): I thirst

When Jesus made the statement, “I thirst,” while He was on the cross, He wasn’t just referring to physical thirst.  As we see in this episode of Crossroads & Culture, Jesus’s statement fulfilled what was prophesied, as well as revealed His thirst for something… Continue Reading “The seven statements of christ from the cross (Pt. 5): I thirst”

Life as a christ-follower in Hollywood

If there is one area where followers of Christ need to have more influence, it’s in the entertainment industry of Hollywood.  It’s not easy being a Christ-follower in Hollywood, and staying grounded in your faith.  So, how do those who are in that industry… Continue Reading “Life as a christ-follower in Hollywood”


Crossroads & Culture Podcast

Be sure to check out and subscribe to the Crossroads & Culture podcast, where I discuss issues relating to life, ministry, and culture. On occasion, I get to have conversations with guests so as to learn from them and their experiences by getting to… Continue Reading “Crossroads & Culture Podcast”

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