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A world on fire

I’m not a firefighter, at least not professionally, but what I do know is that when there is a fire that needs to be extinguished it’s best to use water, not gasoline.  What I’m observing in our culture is a world on fire that… Continue Reading “A world on fire”


America isn’t what it used to be, and it’s sad.  For me, it’s like being lost in my own backyard.  What once was familiar, now seems foreign.   Who would’ve thought that there would be fellow Americans who would criticize our military for doing… Continue Reading “LOST IN MY OWN BACKYARD”


When I was a kid, summer afternoons and evenings were when our neighborhood came to life.  It was a day when the only time spent inside the house was to eat a meal.  There were no smart phones to waste time on, no video… Continue Reading “KICK THE CAN”

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