the seven statements of christ from the cross: finding hope in life’s darkest moments (Part 1)

Jesus had a week that, without a doubt, was the week of all weeks when it comes to facing dark moments. It would involve the joy of a last supper, the pain of betrayal, the rejection of denial, the brutality of scourging, and the suffering of crucifixion. It would leave Him wounded and bruised. Ultimately, He would taste the sting of death. From eternity past He knew what He would face, yet He knew what had to be done.

Enduring the week of all weeks and facing a cross that would be the instrument of His death, Jesus was committed to loving us to the end. If there is anything you can be certain of, it is this: Jesus has loved you to the end that you might know a love that never ends, even in your darkest moments.

That kind of love gives hope, and hope is what we all desperately need.

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