America isn’t what it used to be, and it’s sad.  For me, it’s like being lost in my own backyard.  What once was familiar, now seems foreign.  

Who would’ve thought that there would be fellow Americans who would criticize our military for doing what our military is commissioned to do, which is to protect us from threats, foreign and domestic.  

Regardless of what your thoughts are regarding President Trump, both his and President Obama’s administration identified Iranian General, Qassem Soleimani, as a terrorist who has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans.  According to USA Today, “Soleimani had overseen a network of paramilitaries, militias and terrorist groups across the Middle East and beyond that furthered Iranian interests by often undermining those of the United States and its allies. The Pentagon, for instance, had linked him to the introduction into Iraq of sophisticated roadside bombs that killed hundreds of U.S. troops and wounded thousands more during the peak of fighting there in the mid-2000s.”

I’m sure that I’ll be labeled by some as a Trump banner-waver, which I am not, but I do support a president who is willing to make decisive decisions that engage the evil of terrorism.  In my opinion, this politically biased backlash is less of a sincere grieving for the death of a terrorist as much as it is one more thing for those who despise Trump to seek to leverage against him.  I have yet to read any reasonable argument for why our military’s action to take out one of the top known terrorists in the world was unjust and unmerited.  

Without question, people have the right to protest and voice their disproval.  But for the sake of intellectual honesty, look at the facts and at least be informed. Soleimani was a terrorist, who didn’t just threaten to kill Americans, he acted in doing so on several occasions.

I could write so much more regarding feeling lost in my own backyard, but for now this will suffice.

Most importantly, though, to those who faithfully serve in our military, and willingly put their lives on the line in order to defend this great nation, I am sincerely thankful.  

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