On occasion, although not often enough, I come across something that makes an impact on my life in a profound way.  By profound I mean that it affects every area of my life that really matters: emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health.  

It shouldn’t be surprising that the way in which God created us, and has wired us as human beings, is to be healthy in each of these areas.  To be unhealthy in one area certainly affects the other, and as a result affects us wholly. 

At least two times a day I use an app that was developed by Ransomed Heart ministries called the “Pause.”  It has been restorative to me and has become an integral part of my daily discipline that I have integrated with Scripture reading and relational prayer.

Once you download the app, there are instructions for how to use it, and if used consistently, I believe it will deepen your relationship with God.

I’ve needed this for quite some time, and it could be that this will minister to the deep places of your heart and soul as much as it has ministered to mine.  

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  1. I believe Ransomed Heart is the website managed by John Eldridge. I’ve read his book, ‘Beautiful Outlaw’, about Jesus. It’s a wonderful book.

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