Jesus Traded . . .

The majesty of heaven, for the dust of earth.

A heavenly kingdom, for a feeding trough.

Trinity communion, for the rejection of man.

Angelic adulation, for a mocking crowd.

A King’s splendor, for traitor’s kiss.

A crown of glory, for a crown of thorns.

A glorious throne, for death’s shameful cross.

The holiness of heaven, for a borrowed tomb.

And all for what?

So we in sin, could receive His forgiveness.

So we, though guilty, could receive His mercy.

So we, undeserving, could receive His grace.

So we, though unlovely, could receive His love.

So we, though mortal, could receive life unending.

So we, though empty, could be filled with hope.

This Christmas, remember that you have been given a priceless gift.  But a gift is never enjoyed until a gift is received.  This child, born of a virgin, did not come to be gazed upon with curious eyes, or even to be held by those who seek to be near Him.  He came to be received by sinners in need of a Savior.  

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