What do you do when you feel like everything around you, and in you, is chaos?  How do you find calm in the midst of it all?  On today’s episode of Crossroads & Culture, we talk about the answer to those questions, and the discover how you can find peace when the storms of life are raging.  

The seven statements of christ from the cross (Pt. 7): Father, into your hands i commit my spirit

In Jesus’s final statement from the cross before He breathed His last breath, He showed us what it looks like to trust God even in life’s darkest moments.  Just as Jesus fully trusted God the Father, we too can trust Him with our life.  

The seven statements of Christ from the cross (Pt. 6): It Is finished

When Jesus said, “It is finished!” He was making a declaration that points to something much greater than the completion of the brutal agony He experienced on the cross. Everything that needed to be done in order to reconcile us to God was accomplished. It’s because of this that we can find hope in life’s darkest moments.

The seven statements of christ from the cross (Pt. 5): I thirst

When Jesus made the statement, “I thirst,” while He was on the cross, He wasn’t just referring to physical thirst.  As we see in this episode of Crossroads & Culture, Jesus’s statement fulfilled what was prophesied, as well as revealed His thirst for something much more. 

The seven statements of christ from the cross (Pt.4): My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?

When Jesus was on the cross, did God the Father really forsake Him, or did Jesus just feel as though He had been forsaken? In this episode of Crossroads & Culture, I answer this question, as well as discuss its significance and implications.

The Seven Statements of Christ from the cross (pt. 3): “Woman, Behold Your son”

As Jesus was on the cross, He made seven statements that are as significant for us today as they were on that Friday He was crucified. In this episode of Crossroads & Culture, we look at the third statement Jesus made, ‘Woman, behold, your son!’ Then He said to the disciple, ‘Behold, your mother!’ (John 19:26-27) As Mary, Jesus’s mother, and John, His disciple, stood at the foot of the cross, what compelled Jesus to make this statement, and what hope did it give them in their darkest moments? And, what hope does it give to us?

The Seven Statements (Part 2): Today you’ll be with me in Paradise

You are not so far gone that you are beyond the reach of God’s great salvation. That was true for the thief on the cross, and it’s true for you and me as well. Because of what Christ has done on the cross, God can take what has been wrecked by the brokenness of sin and do wonders. And that is great news.

In this episode of Crossroads & Culture, you’ll discover that regardless of the life-circumstances you find yourself in, Jesus’s death is a reminder of the hope He offers in life’s darkest moments.  

the seven statements of christ from the cross: finding hope in life’s darkest moments (Part 1)

Jesus had a week that, without a doubt, was the week of all weeks when it comes to facing dark moments. It would involve the joy of a last supper, the pain of betrayal, the rejection of denial, the brutality of scourging, and the suffering of crucifixion. It would leave Him wounded and bruised. Ultimately, He would taste the sting of death. From eternity past He knew what He would face, yet He knew what had to be done.

Enduring the week of all weeks and facing a cross that would be the instrument of His death, Jesus was committed to loving us to the end. If there is anything you can be certain of, it is this: Jesus has loved you to the end that you might know a love that never ends, even in your darkest moments.

That kind of love gives hope, and hope is what we all desperately need.

Life as a christ-follower in Hollywood

If there is one area where followers of Christ need to have more influence, it’s in the entertainment industry of Hollywood.  It’s not easy being a Christ-follower in Hollywood, and staying grounded in your faith.  So, how do those who are in that industry handle the daily challenges and struggles they face in pop culture?     

On this episode of Crossroads & Culture, I sit down with Cole Ewing, who has appeared in several commercials and TV Shows – most notably Disney’s “Lab Rats” & Nickelodeon’s “Bella and the Bulldogs,” and discuss what life is like being a follower of Christ in Hollywood.      


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